Reclaiming Jesus

Answer The Call


On Ash Wednesday, 2018, a group of elders met for a retreat together because of a national political crisis that was also revealing a crisis of faith. At Pentecost, in overcrowded churches in downtown Washington, D.C., we launched a declaration that we called Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis. More than 5 million people have directly responded to the Reclaiming Jesus declaration thus far and many more have been reached by it and are addressing the declaration in their churches.

Because the moral and political crisis the Reclaiming Jesus declaration responded to has become even deeper and more dangerous; we believe that a national call to prayer is in order, preparing us as people of faith for what we believe is coming.

How will church leaders, pastors, and local congregations respond to the escalations of crises that we as elders believe are coming in 2020? To prepare for those times of crisis, and the need for response from the faith community, we are calling for national prayer and fasting beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing through the 2020 election. We invite all to prayerfully read this letter from the Reclaiming Jesus elders and consider how you can amplify its message and observe this call in your life, family, and faith community this Lent.

We also ask that you add your name to this pledge. Beginning Ash Wednesday, we'll send you a daily devotional and other resources to sustain your action.